Jim has your best interests at heart


While most politicians say they have the best interests of their constituents at heart, Jim actually means it.  As the Water Resources Commissioner, Jim has proven time and time again that he truely cares about the people of Oakland County.

2015 saw the completion of the Great Lakes Water authority, an entity that has led to a more efficient and effective water and sewer system throughout the region.  An entity that is not only sustainable in the long run, but also cost effective.  The third annual Stormwater Summit was also held in Southfield to bring regional stakeholders and industry professionals together to discuss and share ideas on stormwater management and water quality.  This group effort will contribute to the development of green technology to ensure a sustainable and less expensive future for our water.

Jim has held educational town halls throughout the county to discuss water quality, fracking, and new construction projects.  He has fortunate to host these public talks with the likes of Dr. Anil Kumar, a local doctor and small business owner, and the incredible Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha who led the charge in bringing to light the poisoning of children in Flint.  From a packed room in Royal Oak to discuss water to the overflow of people who showed up in Southfield to talk about fracking, Jim's social outreach programs have been instrumental in educating Oakland County citizens in subjects that matter to them.

But in today's world, everyone wants to know about money.  How are politicians going to save them money? What can the government do?  Since being elected in 2012, Jim has done everything in his power to save taxpayers money.  He and his team have incorporated energy efficient, green technology in drain and sewer projects, developed local partnerships to help communities fund repairs, and created a sound fiscal management of the drain infrastructure.  All of this has culminated in taxpayers saving over $10 million under Jim's leadership.

So when you think about who has the best interests of you water, your children, and your wallet at heart, remember that Jim Nash does.